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Are you getting married in Orlando, FL? Who will be your Orlando wedding photographer? Here are some of the things to consider when looking for an Orlando wedding photographer.


First and most importantly you are selecting more than just a photographer for your day. You are hiring someone that will be with you, your family and friends for the day and in some cases the weekend. Get to know who you are hiring. These characteristics may not be the first thing you think about when choosing a photographer, however, it will definitely be the most important factor in the decision-making process.

Choosing the right photographer can ultimately impact your wedding photography not only for the day, but for the weeks and months going forward. The photographer processes your wedding images and/or video not to mention your engagement session.  The bottom line is, if you don’t like your photographer for any reason, your wedding images and your memories are going to be reflected upon as if looking into a tarnished mirror. So choose wisely… 


The second element and almost as equally important as personality, is your photographer’s eye. This unique trait separates one photographer from the next. A photographer can copy another’s style, but the fact is no two photographers see exactly the same way. Therefore, when looking at different photographer’s work you might want to ask some of these questions: Do the images move you? Are they emotional? Do they tell a complete story? Are they artistic and creative? Are they real, and do the people look comfortable?

Finally, out of all the photographers you met, whose images did you gravitate towards? Let your inner voice guide you. Just listen and trust. 


The amount of coverage that a bride and groom believe they need may or may not be accurate. In most scenarios, you will want your wedding photographer to be with you to document all the special moments of your wedding day. In all honesty, that is what you are hiring them for. With that stated, typical coverage for a wedding day should be between 8-10 hours. 


Now that the wedding is over and all those images have been captured, what will you do with all those images? Brides and Grooms are faced with this daunting question. Well the answer is simple, ask your photographer to place them in a well-designed wedding album. Please don’t underestimate the importance of your wedding album. This, for many new brides and grooms, will be their first family heirloom and maybe your only keepsake you will have forever to remember your Orlando wedding. When choosing your Orlando wedding photographer you should look for an album that best represents you and your new family. Wedding albums come in all shapes and sizes. Some questions you should ask your Orlando wedding photographer:  How many pages come in the wedding album? How many images will be in the wedding album? What are the different cover options available for my wedding album? 


Is there a minimum amount of photographers that should be at your wedding? The majority of weddings will require a minimum of two wedding photographers. This will ensure that your wedding photographer is focused on you and your group and directing the day. This will allow the second wedding photographer to have coverage going on at the same time.

By having two wedding photographers, the photography portion of your day will run smooth and will also ensure that nothing gets missed from your big day. 


While price is always a factor when selecting your Orlando wedding photographer, it should not be the only thing that matters. As a photographer and former bride myself, I have not only seen but have witnessed many horror stories of brides who made their decision solely on price. As you would guest it did not end well. Here at Bee Photography, LLC, when everything is said and done, your images and/or video will be all that you will have to remember your wedding day. Make sure you choose a company that is reliable, dependable, and ultimately you are happy with!

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